Terraform initial setup

Terraform is open source software managed by Hashicorp. This software used at Infrastructure as a code.

Terraform manages external resources (such as public cloud infrastructure, private cloud infrastructure, network appliances, software as a service, and platform as a service) with “providers”. HashiCorp maintains an extensive list of official providers, and can also integrate with community-developed providers. Users can interact with Terraform providers by declaring resources or by calling data sources. Rather than using imperative commands to provision resources, Terraform uses declarative configuration to state the desired final state. Declarative configuration means we want to write a code your system should be in after completing activity. In case some of the resources are already created then after running terraform job system will only create or modify resource which job needed to be at final state.

Once a user invokes Terraform on a given resource, Terraform will perform CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete) actions on the user’s behalf to accomplish the desired state. The infrastructure as code can be written as modules, promoting reusability and maintainability

Download Software

Download Terraform software from below link –

Get Started – AWS

Follow Hashicorp link for starting AWS environment.

Get Started – Google Cloud

Follow Hashicorp link for starting GCP environment.



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